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Good quailty bathroom paper roll Customized toilet paper low price hotels tissue

2-layer toilet paper, a low-priced and high-quality product, is the best choice for your daily life paper. The raw materials of eco-friendly with recycled pulp, with a fashionable and auspicious outer packaging, and a 2-layer thickened process. It is not easy to break when wet, and there is no blockage at all. Come and experience it quickly. Welcome to visit, good communication begins, full of rewards
Australian and African are like to choose eco-friendly paper tissue. a matter of personal preference and consideration of various factors. Here are some reasons why some people might choose recycled toilet rolls:

Softness and Comfort: Virgin wood pulp toilet rolls are often praised for their softness and comfort. They can provide a gentle and pleasant experience during use.

Environmental protection and cost saving: Working together to achieve ecological balance, low procurement costs are also good news for businesses and consumers. The quality of paper can also be used safely, why not?

Absorbency: Virgin wood pulp has good absorbent properties, which can be advantageous for toilet paper. It can effectively absorb moisture and provide a more efficient cleaning experience.
Degradable: easily soluble in water, without the hassle of clogging the toilet.
Auswei Paper Life Paper Factory Wholesale, Collaborating with Major Brands for Processing, Reliable Quality, Wise Choice for You to Reduce Costs and Time in Purchasing
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  • AW-Plees-R-TP120G-48

  • Plees

  • AW-Plees-R-TP120G-48

  • 100*100mm

  • normal

  • without 

  • with 

  • without 

  • china 

  • 2 ply  Customer requirements 

  • OEM  own brand  ODM 

  • OEM  ODM  Our brand 

  • virgin wood pulp

  • white

  • full ... 

  • 120g

  • 40HQ 

Product Description

Category Toilet paper roll
Brand Plees/OEM
Material Recycled pulp
Base weight 15gsm

2 ply

Sheet size(L*W)

N.W. 120g/roll


48 rolls/carton
40HQ 1513 cartons

Delivery time

one month
Loading port Jiangmen,Guangdong,China

Payment term

30% TT deposit,70% TT balance before shipment

48 rolls/carton premium toilet paper roll

Introducing the Plees Brand Eco-Friendly 2-Ply Toilet Paper Roll: Great News for Wholesalers!

We are excited to share with wholesalers the latest addition to the Plees brand product line—the eco-friendly 2-ply toilet paper roll. This product is designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally conscious paper products.

Here are some key features and benefits of the Plees Brand Eco-Friendly 2-Ply Toilet Paper Roll:

  1. Sustainable Sourcing: The toilet paper is made from responsibly sourced, renewable materials, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Plees brand is committed to supporting sustainable forestry practices and reducing deforestation.

  2. Eco-Friendly Production: The manufacturing process of the toilet paper roll emphasizes energy efficiency and minimizes water consumption. Plees brand adheres to strict environmental standards throughout production, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint.

  3. Softness and Quality: Despite its eco-friendly nature, the Plees brand toilet paper doesn't compromise on quality. It offers a soft and luxurious feel, providing comfort and satisfaction to users.

  4. Strength and Durability: The 2-ply construction of the toilet paper roll ensures durability and reliable performance. It is designed to be strong and absorbent, preventing tearing or disintegration during use.

  5. Biodegradable and Septic-Safe: The Plees brand toilet paper is biodegradable, making it an excellent choice for customers who prioritize eco-friendly options. It is also safe for septic systems, reducing the risk of clogging or plumbing issues.

  6. Attractive Packaging: The Plees brand understands the importance of appealing packaging for retailers and customers. The toilet paper rolls are beautifully packaged, featuring an eye-catching design that stands out on store shelves.

  7. Competitive Wholesale Pricing: Wholesalers can benefit from competitive pricing options, making the Plees brand eco-friendly 2-ply toilet paper roll an attractive choice for their customers. By offering a high-quality and sustainable product, wholesalers can cater to the growing demand for environmentally conscious options.

We believe that the Plees Brand Eco-Friendly 2-Ply Toilet Paper Roll will be a popular choice among consumers who value sustainability without compromising on quality. As a wholesaler, this product presents an opportunity to meet customer demands and contribute to a greener future.

Vingin pulp 2 ply toilet roll--plees brand 

For more information, pricing details, or to place an order, please reach out to our sales representatives 






Usually, this small roll of toilet paper is used in the office and living room at home. If you want to place hotels, schools, hospitals, hotels, and other public places that can improve efficiency, you can also choose our large roll toilet paper。

Large roll toilet paper is a type of toilet paper product, usually referring to the large roll packaging in roll toilet paper. The characteristic of this type of toilet paper is that the roll is larger, usually longer or thicker than a regular toilet paper roll. The following are some characteristics and advantages of large roll toilet paper:

016 (9)


Durable and long-lasting: Due to the large size of the roll, a large roll of toilet paper can be used for a longer period of time, reducing the frequency of replacement.

Space saving: The large roll of toilet paper can reduce storage space and is particularly suitable for household use.

Economical and Affordable: Although the unit price may be slightly higher than regular toilet paper, it is generally more economical due to its lower usage.

Environmental protection: A large roll of toilet paper reduces the use of packaging compared to multiple small rolls of toilet paper, which is beneficial for reducing environmental burden.

Suitable for high-frequency use: For places with high pedestrian traffic, such as shopping malls, restaurants, offices, etc., large rolls of toilet paper are more suitable for high-frequency use, reducing the number of replacements.

Multi purpose: In addition to being used in toilets, large rolls of toilet paper can also be used for household cleaning, wiping, and other occasions.

Experience the luxury of our Affordable Luxury Toilet Paper Roll and join our growing list of satisfied customers.Communication is the gateway to success, welcome to consult We look forward to discussing business opportunities with you!




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Auswei Paper (Jiangmen) CO., Ltd is located in the Baimiao Industry Precinct, Sanjiang  Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong. Its factory covers around 50,000 square  meters, with a workshop area of more than 20,000 square meters. Auswei Paper specialises  in household paper with the combined capacity of research and development, manufacturing and sale. The various types of household paper produced by the company have won  praise from customers for their excellent quality, complete variety, reasonable price, and  thoughtful service.

What do you think of one-stop service? Capable of both production and sales, proficient in various processes for domestic and trade sales, with mature production capabilities and over 20 years of strong enterprise experience, it is your choice to reduce detours. We have our own brand, whether you want to buy intermediate raw materials (raw paper/jumbo mother roll) or finished products of household paper, you can choose us. We have partnerships with major companies around the world, and you only need to choose products that are suitable for your own customer sales market. We are happy to help you solve your problems.


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To produce high-quality paper, it is not only necessary to have cutting-edge papermaking equipment, but also to have a comprehensive understanding of papermaking process and technology, and to have a deep understanding of various factors that affect production. 

Please rest assured that our quality inspectors strictly review and inspect every process according to the inspection standard system. The team of Auswei Paper Industry (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd. has rich experience in quality control industry and is proud to produce high-quality products. If you have any ideas, please remember to communicate with us. 

Perhaps this is your low-cost, high return opportunity, and we are happy to solve problems for our customers.

We are equipped with an immense quantity of modern equipment and  extremely advanced and eco-friendly wastewater treatment system,  including the Japanese KAWANOE BF 1000S-Advance paper machine,  automatic cutting machine, automatic high-speed soft tissue machine,  rewinding machine, box packaging machine and facial tissue machine.


Since the establishment of the company, Auswei Paper (Jiangmen) CO., Ltd possesses the  business notion of sincerely cooperating with every customer, genuinely committing to  every transaction, and professionally managing each product, so that we obtain plenty of  trust and support from our customers. Domestic and international customers’ demands  can be met via a one-step purchasing service in our company. Our company has built up  long-term relationships with top tier partners in the Chinese household paper industry.  Meanwhile, our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and Oceania, as well as other regions in the industry, gaining a myriad of compliments from the majority of consumers.

Auswei company many orders,Let's take a look at the factory strength,from every customer's trust and support,the company's perfect quality system management,professional logistics team consciously queuing up for loading.Every container is a testament to happy cooperation,common progress .Auswei factory future promising!


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