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Manufacturer Wholesale Embossed Jumbo Roll Nature Toilet Paper Tissue Dispenser Large Paper Roll

Exquisite embossed original pulp, 2 layers of toilet paper, 12 rolls of giant rolls/cardboard boxes, low-cost sanitary napkins
Buyers can choose our brand Pless or OEM.
1-5 layers can be customized, and there is no problem with raw wood pulp, recycled pulp, or bamboo pulp. For more inquiries, we are more than happy to cooperate with your sales plan
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  • AW-Plees-V-JBR540-12

  • OEM

  • AW-Plees-V-JBR540-12

  • 225*80mm

  • strong

  • without 

  • with 

  • without 

  • china 

  • 2 ply  Customer requirements 

  • OEM  own brand  ODM 

  • OEM  ODM  Our brand 

  • bamboo

  • white

  • tiling with straight lines 

  • 550

  • 40HQ 

Product Description

Category Jumbo toilet roll
Material virgin pulp
Base weight 13.5gsm

2 ply

Sheet size(L*W)

N.W. 540g/roll


12 rolls/ carton
40HO 1320 plastic bag

Delivery time

one month
Loading port Jiangmen,Guangdong,China

Payment term

30% TT deposit,70% TT balance before shipment


Introducing our AFH jumbo toilet paper roll, designed to bring you a sense of calm and comfort in your daily life. Crafted with care, our 1-3ply rolls feature different embossments, each packaged individually for your convenience. Our AFH series of toilet paper is not only ultra soft but also undergoes high-temperature treatment for extra hygiene. Made from 100% virgin wood pulp, it contains no fluorescent additives, ensuring a gentle and caring touch. Plus, it's biodegradable, clog-safe, sewer-safe, and septic-safe, giving you peace of mind.

In order to bring you closer to the product, we will show you real-life photos


Welcome to Aowei Paper Industry Co., Ltd

The big roll of paper will definitely bring you joy.
Directly saving procurement costs and replacement frequency for family members or employees.
Arrange it first, and you can also use the distributor better, which will give you a better quality experience.
A tissue? Distributor? One stop procurement at Auswei Paper Company.
Plees brand life paper hot sale in Australia.We have partners all over the world.
Do you need to customized?
              product size
                       with  UPC label or not

Many kinds of them are by your style,that is ok.


Native wood pulp, recycled pulp, in addition to being popular among many users, bamboo pulp is also very popular

Exquisite embossing and high-quality thickened 3-layer paper elevate your temperament and naturally bring a good mood.Welcome to contact us.




At Auswei Paper, we take pride in our independent production workshop, where we maintain strict quality control to produce raw wood pulp mother roll paper and renewable resources paper. With our expertise, we can customize paper towels, toilet paper, and other daily life paper products according to your specific needs. We offer our own brand of products, and we also specialize in OEM services. Our knowledgeable team has extensive user experience in various countries, including Africa, Australia, the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, South America, and more. We understand the unique requirements of customers from different regions and are eager to discuss business opportunities with you.





Your customized products, this is a high-quality platform for you to purchase in large quantities. We have various advantages in raw materials, which have also become an advantage for you to save costs. Let's communicate together

jumbo roll tissuecleaner paper

virgin Jumbo toilet roll

paper factory

jumbo toilet paper

Auswei Paper (Jiangmen) CO., Ltd is located in the Baimiao Industry Precinct, Sanjiang  Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong. Its factory covers around 50,000 square  meters, with a workshop area of more than 20,000 square meters. Auswei Paper specialises  in household paper with the combined capacity of research and development, manufacturing and sale. The various types of household paper produced by the company have won  praise from customers for their excellent quality, complete variety, reasonable price, and  thoughtful service.

To produce high-quality paper, it requires not only cutting-edge papermaking  facilities but also comprehensively mastering the papermaking process, technology and obtaining insight into various factors that impact production. With  sophisticated industrial experience in quality control, the team at Auswei Paper  (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd prides themselves on producing great quality products.

We are equipped with an immense quantity of modern equipment and  extremely advanced and eco-friendly wastewater treatment system,  including the Japanese KAWANOE BF 1000S-Advance paper machine,  automatic cutting machine, automatic high-speed soft tissue machine,  rewinding machine, box packaging machine and facial tissue machine.


Since the establishment of the company, Auswei Paper (Jiangmen) CO., Ltd possesses the  business notion of sincerely cooperating with every customer, genuinely committing to  every transaction, and professionally managing each product, so that we obtain plenty of  trust and support from our customers. Domestic and international customers’ demands  can be met via a one-step purchasing service in our company. Our company has built up  long-term relationships with top tier partners in the Chinese household paper industry.  Meanwhile, our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and Oceania, as well as other regions in the industry, gaining a myriad of compliments from the majority of consumers.

Auswei company many orders,Let's take a look at the factory strength,from every customer's trust and support,the company's perfect quality system management,professional logistics team consciously queuing up for loading.Every container is a testament to happy cooperation,common progress .Auswei factory future promising!




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