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  • Auswei Paper(Jiangmen)Co.,Ltd321
    Regularly develop and design new style products, we have certain advantages in appearance, quality and price. Read More
  • Latest News on Export Trade of Jumbo Hand Towel Paper Roll
    Overall, the latest news on export trade in the jumbo hand towel roll industry points to a positive outlook for the sector. The growing demand for these products has created new opportunities for companies to expand their export trade and drive economic growth. While there are challenges to navigate, the industry is taking proactive steps to overcome them and continue to meet the needs of customers around the world. As the global economy continues to recover, it is expected that the export trade of jumbo hand towel rolls will continue to thrive in the months and years to come. Read More
  • How can it be? Are water and paper towels friends?
    How can it be? Are water and paper towels friends?
    Water and tissue are both essential for personal hygiene and cleanliness. Let's discuss their roles and uses. Read More
  • Healthy and safe toilet paper, protect the health of you and your family
    https://www.pleespaper.com/Auswei-Paper-Jiangmen-Co-Ltd321-id67018807.htmlChoosing healthy and safe toilet paper is very important to protect the health of us and our families. By purchasing roll paper without any stains or gloss agents, we should choose pure cotton or natural raw materials and pay attention to product quality and correct usage. We can maintain a good hygienic environment in our daily lives and protect our health. Remember, the choice of toilet paper is not only a manifestation of personal concern for health, but also care for family and society. Choosing a strong manufacturer is the first step to protect you.Strong enterprises with one-stop production​ and sales services are more convenient Read More
  • The Essential Guide to Wholesale Napkins, Tablet Paper, and Patterned Napkins
    The Essential Guide to Wholesale Napkins, Tablet Paper, and Patterned NapkinsWhen it comes to hosting occasions, whether it's a wedding reception, a company lunch, or an informal yard barbeque, one typically neglected yet necessary product is paper napkins. These small papers or towel offer multiple Read More
  • The Ultimate Guide to Wholesale Paper Towels, Hand Towel Rolls, and Disposable Hand Towels
    Introduction:In the hectic world of hospitality, medical care, and also day-to-day home requirements, the relevance of dependable and economical paper towels can not be overstated. Wholesale paper towels, hand towel rolls, and disposable hand towels supply convenience, health, and performance. In th Read More
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